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Theories: The Value of Well Being & its Secrets for a Better Living:-

All Human being are considered Brothers & Sisters, they all come from the same origin and all share the same first family member, which is the first Human beings “ADAM & EVE”.

Every Human being shall focus on the commons we all have, that is: The Human’s Organs, Human’s Dreams and finally Human’s Faith. All forms that may cause discrimination between Human beings is strictly forbidden by God, the Almighty, the Most Merciful, Most Grateful, so do I. such as race, color, religion, doctrine, size, age, shape, look, habits, status, potential, wealth ... etc.

I would strongly recommend you to read my theories, 155 theories, every one of them, looks unique and different to another. It’s all about almost every step happening in your life. You’ll really realize them how easy to go through, they are all in short sentences, and they were not done in long stories in order just to increase the volume and contents of the book.

Without Peace, there will be no harmony.

Without Peace, there will be no unity.

Without Peace, we cannot eliminate poverty.

Without Peace, we cannot enjoy a healthy and wealthy living.

Without Peace, we cannot fully acquire knowledge.

Without Peace, Human Civilization will not improve.

Are you ready to start a change in your life?

Are you ready to accept and face whatever the challenges coming to you, or you’ll just neglect and run away to proclaim a failure in your life?

Are you ready to believe that when you were born you possess a shining star?

Are you ready to reveal your shining star for the sake to achieve and accomplish your dreams?

Are you ready to face the changes that you may experience in your life that will definitely turn of great impact to your dreams?

Are you ready to know that your knowledge is the key to your big success?

Are you ready to accept that with proper use of your genius you possess may lead to a big success, you have them all: Your thoughts from your brain to be used before your say from your mouth, your actions to be used by your arms and legs not before your thoughts, but only after.

Are you ready to discover the value of well being, for living happier?

Are you ready to discover the secrets of well being for achieving your dreams?

IF YES! THEN, read my 155 theories. Read what I have been revealing in my book “THE VALUES OF WELL BEING & ITS SECRETS FOR A BETTER LIVING”. Each theory is unique that deals with every happening in every Human’s life. Principles that each of us can relate to.

I can assure you, that you’ll find it very relevant to you. If you really found it fruitful, please do not hesitate to give your comment or critics. I love to hear your side so that I can improve my works in the future.

My 2nd. Edition of my book is now on its preparation, and more other books related to the same topics as well in the near future. Human being is the most loved God’s Creature. Whether seen or unseen, known or unknown to Human himself. His creation, composition and efforts, in contributing to the progress of human civilization remain one of the most marvelous God’s miracles.

Faris AlHajri - PhD(A.M.)
President & CEO
AlHajri Holistic Health & Wellness LLC

Independent Natural Health & Wellness Professional
International Speaker on the topic of 'Hot Water Therapy'
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