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Are you seeking to better understand your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being? Faris AlHajri-PhD(AM) offers consultations in the various modalities of Haqua Therapy. This is an opportunity to more fully understand how your body works and how you can heal and maintain yourself.

Prices vary from $70 - $150 per hour, depending on your needs and the instruction and time needed for the therapy.

Consultations are also available for instruction on furthering your understanding of yourself and your potential, as well as 
understanding relations with the rest of the world.

For more detailed consultation topics and hourly prices, go here.
Faris AlHajri - PhD(A.M.)
President & CEO
AlHajri Holistic Health & Wellness LLC

Independent Natural Health & Wellness Professional
International Speaker on the topic of 'Hot Water Therapy'
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