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At Haqua Revitalize, we understand that no two human beings are alike.  We strive to make you and your unique health journey the focus. And we accomplish this by educating you and instructing you on how to treat the whole person: biological, genetic, and psychological.
Haqua therapy offers the previously overlooked secrets of natural hot water therapy. For the first time, water is fully and properly utilized to maximize your health potential: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

We offer consultations with a Haqua Revitalize practitioner in various modalities of this therapy. For addional questions, please call us at 540.998.8875.

  • Haqua Stretch Therapy (HST)  Stretching under the healing power of hot water specifically targets lower back pain, among other ailments.
  • Haqua Gargling Method (HGM)  The healing properties of water are used to freshen breath, strengthen gums, combat bacteria, and relieve throat pain.
Faris AlHajri - PhD(A.M.)
President & CEO
AlHajri Holistic Health & Wellness LLC

Independent Natural Health & Wellness Professional
International Speaker on the topic of 'Hot Water Therapy'
Copyrights: USA, UK, Oman & Philippines

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