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Tips and Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Recommended methods for drinking hot water

  1. *** One or two glasses of hot water, early in the morning, once you wake up and before brushing your teeth – at standing position.
  2. One or two glasses of hot water, after brushing your teeth, before having your breakfast.
  3. At least three glasses of hot water throughout the morning.
  4. *** One glass of hot water at least 15-30 minutes before meal.
  5. At least two glasses of hot water throughout the evening (Best if four glasses).
  6. One glass of hot water, before going to sleep.


  1. *** (Should be given high consideration, due to its huge effects. For more details, please refer to the book.
  2. The glass of hot water shall be approximate of 240-300 ml in volume.
  3. The Water shall be hot at a temperature of around (50°C) that means hot enough to feel it while drinking, but affordable, without causing burn.

    Benefits of Drinking Hot water

    • Prevent various diseases, symptoms and allergies..
    • Heal people in pain, with sickness, allergies and diseases even if how critical it is.
    • Get rid of fat, reduce obesity, heals bronchial asthma, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol … etc.
    • Improve brain memory.
    • Possess a good looking body.
    • Acquire an exceptional personality or character.
    • Have interest in peace, respect human rights and reject quarrels.
    • Helping acquiring brainstorming.
    • Love of natures and creatures..
    • Possessing strong faith in God.
    • Enjoying a tender sleep.

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