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The Healing Powers of Drinking Hot Water
Faris Rashid Al Hajri-PhD(A.M.) has a unique mission in life. His aim is to help improve people’s health and well-being by raising awareness about the Therapeutic Benefits of Drinking Hot Water & other Hot Water Therapy Modalities as a method of living a comprehensive Holistic Health & Wellness Lifestyle in all PEMS (Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual) Aspects. 

Who would believe that the answer to many ailments lies in such a simple – and cheap – cure, readily available to all? In this interview, Faris talks about himself, his mission and his unswerving belief in hot water’s miraculous healing powers

Have you experienced the benefits of drinking hot water yourself?

Yes, many times. I used to suffer from all sorts of things – lumbago, bronchial asthma attacks, migraines, rhinitis (inflammation and irritation of the nose) due to allergies to flowers, dust and pollen. But thanks to hot water, I am completely cured.

Furthermore, my wife Gloria used to suffer from high cholesterol, but now she is free of this, thanks to the benefits of hot water. Once she contracted a serious case of food poisoning, and hot water cured that within 12 hours. So now she’s a complete convert to its healing powers and often helps me in conducting my seminars.

We have two boys – one fourteen (Qais) and one eight (Sami), who, by the way, both share the same birthday– and they have had tonsillitis and fever cured through drinking only hot water and without taking any medication at all. Our whole family hasn’t taken any medicine for over 4 years now.

Whenever one of us experiences some seasonal sickness
, we cure it by drinking hot water only, without any medicine.

What exactly are the benefits of hot water?

Simply speaking, there are three main benefits for drinking hot water. Hot water dilutes fat, kills harmful bacteria and neutralizes toxins in the body.

How many glasses of hot water should you drink every day? 

6 – 8 glasses. Ideally, you should use bottled mineral water as tap water is contaminated. Boil the water then let it cool to about 50 degrees (for adults). But the hotter you can drink it, the better. Don’t add anything to the water, because if you do, it will no longer be pure H2O – it will be juice, tea, herbal medicine or even a toxic liquid such as hydrogen peroxide.
This is used in hospitals as a disinfectant to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi on surfaces, but if consumed, it is very dangerous for our health.

What evidence is there that your scientific discovery of hot water cures diseases?

I have two scientific formulas. Here is one of them: 
- H2O simply means 2 atoms Hydrogen + 1 atom Oxygen = Water = Life
- The sun produces heat to kill all harmful bacteria, so that we can enjoy a healthy life and stay alive (Downes & Blunt 1877).
- Sun = Heat = Good Health - Hot Water = Healthy Life = Miracle

Why specifically drinking hot water and not cold water or warm water?

Cold water solidifies the fats inside our bodies, mostly our intestines, stomach and blood vessels, and this causes hypertension due to lack of blood circulation as well as many other diseases. It may even result in cancer. Warm water is good, but still doesn’t achieve all the benefits of hot water.

The fluid inside a mother’s womb when pregnant is amniotic fluid. This is very similar to hot water, as it is composed of 99% water and has a temperature of 37.5 Degree Centigrade (99.5⁰ F). Without it, no human being would ever survive.

It protects the unborn baby from infection. Newborn babies never drink warm or cold milk, as this results in constipation and other health complications. So when drinking water, this should be the same temperature as mother’s milk.

How long have you been spreading the word about the benefits of drinking hot water?

Since the time I discovered HOWT (Hot Water Therapy in August 2007.

Have you written any books on benefits of drinking hot water?

Yes, two. One is "The Miracle and Wonders of Treatment from Hot Water" which focuses on hot water’s ability to help every individual to live a good physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life. 

The other is "The Values of Well-Being & Its Secrets for a Better Living – Theories", which focuses on mental cure. Both books were published by Author House, a US company, in 2010. 

This means that our message will get across to a far greater number of people. By the way, the books have been exhibited in four international book fairs:-

1. London Book Fair (London, England) April 11-13, 2011.

2. Book Expo America (New York City, NY) May 23-26, 2011.

3. Beijing International Book Fair (Beijing, China) September 2-6, 2011.

4. Frankfurt Book Fair (Frankfurt, Germany) October 6-10, 2011.

Do you think some people don’t appreciate the value of hot water?

I think that people tend to underestimate the value of water, and I am also aware that we misuse water . . we contaminate it far too easily. Water is crucial . . . I came to understand its value during Gonu Cyclone that hit Oman in 2007.

People could survive without food but they needed water. They were using contaminated water for cooking and drinking because they had no choice – there was nothing else available.

Have you ever met anyone who hasn’t shared your enthusiasm for your ideas?

Well, some people do tend to be a bit sceptical at first – but it’s surprising how many come to appreciate change their minds. Although that’s certainly not true of the pharmaceutical companies, who are very much opposed to my ideas because it takes away their business.

After all, if people can cure themselves through hot water, there will be no need for expensive medicines and antibiotics which are actually very harmful for our bodies.

What are your general aims in life?

I want to contribute to world peace and the eradication of poverty, and help to provide a better, healthier and cleaner environment for people to live in, which includes understanding the value of water. And by ‘people’ I really do mean everyone – I don’t discriminate against anyone on grounds of race, religion or wealth.
My vision is one that everyone can share.

Faris AlHajri - PhD(A.M.)
President & CEO
AlHajri Holistic Health & Wellness LLC

Independent Natural Health & Wellness Professional
International Speaker on the topic of 'Hot Water Therapy'
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